8th Grade Kratos - Game 2

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assets/Uploads/2002.04.22-ready.jpg paddedimage150150-2002.04.22-ready

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2017 National U19s Tournament Results

2017 National U19s Tournament

Saturday, 21st October

Group B R1
East Coast Bays 1
v Wellington Olympic AFC 2

Group B R2
Wellington Olympic AFC 0
v Miramar Rangers AFC 3

Group B R3
Forest Hill Milford 0
Wellington Olympic AFC 0

Sunday, 22nd October

Group B R4
Wellington Olympic AFC 2
v Waitakere City 1

Group B R5
Wellington Olympic AFC 2
v Petone Football Club 0

Glenfield Rovers 1
v Wellington Olympic AFC 1
(Pens 4-5)

Monday, 23rd October

Wellington Olympic AFC 3
v Cashmere Tech 0

Wellington Olympic AFC 2
v Ellerslie AFC 3

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